Buddha Statue (DeltaWorks at pixabay.com)

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We all know very well that not any one else is responsible for our feelings and thoughts! We know very well that no one can leave us, if not before we have left ourselves. We are not afraid of others, we are afraid of what is in ourselves, which someone else just may get out of the darkness, where we may have locked it constantly. To believe, that what we feel, think or do just appears because of what someone does, as if someone else is the cause of our experience, would be just so foolish as the assumption, that a radio show arises due the fact, that we have pressed certain buttons, and not because she is there so or so and is produced somewhere in a radio studio. However, we are constantly trying to keep the environment under control, so that not this or that button is pressed at us. That may be went well for a time. But sooner or later … And that shows, that this, what might arise, somehow or other was already there. We don’t believe that the world is evil, but ourselves. We know the truth very well, we all! From this perspective we all are already enlightened. We know her! And just because we know her, we fear all the more. The great virtue is also to live this truth and to bear what may appear, without trying again to make it disappearing, because all “get rid of” is like killing and a unacknowledged act of violence against ourself. We are allowed to have every possible feeling, also that, what something don’t want. It is quite natural that we seek happiness and well-being. Only the step by act may be turn into violence. It is a balancing act: where and how to speak or act and where not. Why I do something, is the question. Not always is nothing to do or say the healthiest way. Not always in any case say or do something the most beneficial way. Viewed in this way there are no rigid rules, even they may be written in holy books. Stay with yourself is the whole task. And that is Zen.




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What would I be without

564   WHAT WOULD I BE WITHOUT - 29.10.2014
© Barbara-Paraprem


I think it is simply impossible,
that there have not been any problems
and now is none
and never will be one.
What would I be without problems.



Ich halte es einfach für unmöglich,
dass da niemals ein Problem gewesen sein soll
und jetzt keines ist
und niemals eins sein wird.
Was wär ich denn ohne Probleme.

(Für T.J.)



Chains (PublicDomainPictures at pixabay.com)

Photo: PublicDomainPictures at pixabay.com



It was never a question of
be right or not be right,
but only of freedom,
because ultimately also be right
is equally unfree,
as not be right.
The virtuosity is,
neither to grab
the one nor the other.
It is always the grabbing
of this or that,
which further entraps us,
even if it,
at the first glance,
may happen
to our benefit.
In every moment
is the dharma gate
wide open:
As our very own self.




Children of the Night

The Vampires (Etching by Berthe, History of vampires and malicious spirits, Masson, Paris, 1820, commons.wikimedia.org)

The Vampires – Etching by Berthe
From the Book “History of vampires and malicious spirits
Masson, Paris, 1820


Children of the Night

We may be sometimes
like undeads,
children of the night,
feeling dead or blessed,
scared or wondering us
not to see ourselves
in many mirrors,
wandering around, restless,
in search
for the magic potion,
the red, sweet,
which may give back
to us the life
and snatching us
from the curse
of the separation
of the day from night.

Mabe we must sink
the teeth in our
own misery,
and restore friendship
whit those coffins,
from which,
after aeons of escape,
we may arise only then,
for crumble to dust
in the light of the sun.





ODEM (Barbara-Paraprem)

ODEM © Barbara-Paraprem


When God was, so I was.
Form is emptiness, emptiness is form.
How should also
have been, be now or ever be
there something else.
Even God does not have to die:
Why the wheel of separation
of the light from the darkness
turning again?
Why be nothing,
if I can be everything?
Inhaling… Exhaling…
Has the breath a beginning, an end?
Who can say,
where he comes from or where he goes?
I am the breath of life,
wherever I look: there I am.





Butterflies – Schmetterlinge

Butterfly (Garoch at pixabay.com)

Photo: Garoch – pixabay.com


Like butterflies
they may be sometimes,
Those who not shine,
from the shadow of a hand
scared up.

Maybe therefore comes
God like a child to us.
Little, and without weapons.
Defenseless, pleading,
only our heart searching.


Barbara-Paraprem – 21.10.2014