806   SEEING WITH THE HEART - 31.7.2014807   SEEING WITH THE HEART - 31.7.2014808   SEEING WITH THE HEART - 31.7.2014
SEEING WITH THE HEART (Background transparent)
308 x 533 – 188 x 325 – 108 x 187
© Barbara-Paraprem

Ooooh… Don’t look too long at it, otherwise You may get dizzy… ;)

Barry Martin’s Hopalong Orbits Visualizer


Nuns – Nonnen

A drawing by me from 2004…


150b   NONNEN - 11.3.2004
NONNEN (“NUNS”) © Barbara-Paraprem – 11.3.2004


It’s a compilation of this two elder drawings…




74B   NONNE - 12.1.1996
NONNE (“NUN”) © Barbara-Paraprem – 12.1.1996

Text in the speech bubble: “At my skin I let only water an C.J.” Once there was a tv advertising for a skin care product with the slogan: “On my skin I let only water an CD!”

smilie tod

California condor (LoggaWiggler at pixabay.com)
California condor
LoggaWiggler – pixabay.com




On the doorstep full of pain,
between suffering and suffering,
You encounter yourself.
Only where you
identifying yourself
with seperated appearances,
starts the suffering.
You are not a feeling or thought,
nor desire, nor thing.
You are not what has happened,
yet what will happen.
And all what appears, has no continuance.
The largest and most fundamental illusion
is the one of the continuity.
If we look closely,
no more thing would make an appearance.
What was a second ago,
is now anymore.
The sharpness of the dharma sword
leaves nothing left.
And then the whole world meets in you.
Where the first illusion
is not recognized as illusion,
and pain is avoided at all costs,
follows the second of the guilt,
which worrys all hungry ghosts.
It is not the death,
which we fear,
it is the pain.
This hell we can only escape,
by seeing trough
the first illusion
and daring the step,
which the whole world
constantly tries to avoid:
Give up the identification with
feelings, thoughts, wishes and things.
However, to giving up this, means,
to recognize the insubstantiality of that,
what we have kept for ourselves
up until that time.
It does not mean to become different,
it just means to be oneself.
It means to be awake continuously,
each moment anew,
because awaken always happens anew.
Because life always happens anew.
Then the things are, as they are,
no more and no less:
Then the Buddha may sit crying
at the big ocean of ​​the tears,
with bleeding heart,
but found a treasure,
which can not be described with words.


Barbara-Paraprem – 25.7.2014





Auf der Türschwelle voller Schmerz,
zwischen Leiden und Leiden,
begegnest Du Dir selbst.
Erst wo Du Dich
mit einzelnen Erscheinungen
beginnt das Leiden.
Du bist weder ein Gefühl oder Gedanke,
noch Wunsch, noch Ding.
Du bist nicht das, was geschehen ist,
noch das, was geschehen wird.
Und alles was erscheint, hat keinen Bestand.
Die grösste und grundlegendste Illusion
ist die der Kontinuität.
Würden wir genau hinschauen,
würde kein Ding mehr in Erscheinung treten.
Was vor einer Sekunde war,
ist jetzt nicht mehr.
Des Dharmaschwerts Schärfe
lässt nichts übrig.
Und dann trifft sich die ganze Welt in Dir.
Wo die erste Illusion
nicht als Illusion erkannt wird,
und Schmerz um jeden Preis vermieden,
folgt die zweite der Schuld,
die alle Hungergeister umtreibt.
Es ist nicht der Tod,
den wir fürchten,
es ist der Schmerz.
Dieser Hölle können wir nur entrinnen,
indem wir die erste Illusion
und den Schritt wagen,
den die ganze Welt
beständig zu vermeiden versucht:
Die Identifikation mit Gefühlen, Gedanken,
Wünschen und Dingen aufgeben.
Diese aber aufzugeben, heisst,
die Substanzlosigkeit dessen zu erkennen,
was wir bis dahin
für uns selbst gehalten haben.
Es heisst nicht anders werden,
es heisst nur sich selbst sein.
Es heisst ununterbrochen wachen,
jeden Moment aufs neue,
weil erwachen immer neu geschieht.
Weil Leben immer neu geschieht.
Dann sind die Dinge, wie sie sind,
nicht mehr und nicht weniger:
Dann mag der Buddha weinend
am grossen Meer der Tränen sitzen,
mit blutendem Herz,
aber einen Schatz gefunden,
der mit Worten nicht zu beschreiben ist.


Barbara-Paraprem – 25.7.2014


elephant 2 Video on Facebook:
Elephant playing and hugging
elephant 1

Mandala Golden Flower (made by a unknown patient of Carl Gustav Jung, before 1929, commons.wikimedia.org)
Mandala Golden Flower
made by a unknown patient of Carl Gustav Jung
Before 1929 – commons.wikimedia.org



Whether God exists or not
– to that shore we get only by faith.
A faith, that is so strong, that it crystallizes to knowledge.
But only the heart can believe.
The pure faith is absolutely straight and clear.
Only where the head is full of ideas,
the clear, fresh water of life goes cloudy.
Faith has nothing to do with reverie
and is not the opposite of science.
Some people, who looks only on the measurement results of machines,
are further from the reality of themselves and the world,
than he who also knows about the reality,
which just can be experienced through the heart.
The outer and inner science must work together,
when the whole of reality is meant to be experienced.
However, there is never the whole of reality,
because life is never finished.
But we can live and ask
and give birth to ourselves every day anew
and through muddy water rise to the light.
It does not need more and we can not do more.





Ob es Gott gibt oder nicht
– zu jenem Ufer gelangen wir nur durch Glauben.
Ein Glaube, der so stark ist, dass er zum Wissen kristallisiert.
Glauben kann aber nur das Herz.
Der reine Glaube ist absolut unmittelbar und klar.
Erst wo der Kopf voller Ideen ist,
trübt sich das klare, frische Wasser des Lebens.
Glauben hat nichts mit Schwärmerei zu tun
und ist nicht das Gegenteil von Wissenschaft.
Manch einer, der nur auf Mess-Ergebnisse von Maschinen schaut,
ist weiter von der Realität seiner selbst und der Welt entfernt,
als jener, der auch um die Wirklichkeit weiss,
die eben nur durch das Herz erfahrbar ist.
Die äussere und innere Wissenschaft müssen zusammenarbeiten,
wenn die ganze Wirklichkeit erfahren werden soll.
Es gibt jedoch nie die ganze Wirklichkeit,
weil Leben nie fertig ist.
Aber wir können leben und fragen
und uns uns selbst täglich aufs neue gebären
und durch schlammiges Wasser zum Licht erheben.
Mehr braucht es nicht und mehr können wir nicht.


Inner Sanctum

544   INNER SANCTUM - 18.7.2014
INNER SANCTUM © Barbara-Paraprem



“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.”

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain.”

“It is probably even more difficult
to free oneself from the good than from the evil.”

“It all depends on how we look at things,
and not on how they are in themselves.”


Carl Gustav Jung
Talk: Wikiquote


I rarely see such “strong” paintings… Music fits wonderfully to them…

Website of Maya Kulenovic: www.mayakulenovic.com


Die Kapelle am Rain an der Langensandstrasse in Luzern, wurde im Jahre 1654 durch Ratsherrn Wendel Schumacher errichtet (“Schumacher’sche Kapellenstiftung Vorderrain Luzern”). Im Jahre 1874 durch General Felix von Schumacher erweitert und von Bischof Eugen Lachat geweiht. Der barocke Altar stammt aus dem Kloster St.Urban. Auf dem gleichen Grundstück steht ein im Jahre 1684 errichtes Bauernhaus mit Schopfanbau. 2014 wurde die Kapelle aufgrund starker Feuchtigkeitseinwirkung renoviert.

Inschrift auf der Gedenktafel über dem Eingang:

“Auf sonderbaren anschickung Gottes sind vor wenig Zeiten allhier Drey hell lüchtende Liechter oft zu Nacht ersehen worden auss daro Ursach die erde durch Hr. Wendel L. Schumacher des Raths eröfnet wurden so hat man in einer Truhe unten die gnadenreich Bildniss Maria zum Schnee u. den hl. Antoni die geheimnin dieser Truhe gefunden zu deren Ehren diese Gnadenreiche Kappelle durch Hr. Wendel L. Schumacher des Raths A. 1654 erbaut wurden in welcher durch göttlicher zulassung den Beteiligten oft geholfen besonders m. Fiebern u. andern Wichtigen Angelegenheiten nach der Auslage glaubwürdiger Zeigen.

Felix Emanuel Schumacher ano…”


All photos © Barbara-Paraprem


Juni-2-14 - Kirche St.Kolumban 51 (Rorschach)
Lettering (below): “Christ’s Representative”…
Does he stand now in front or behind the bed? *

- Mural painting on a chapel in Rorschach, Switzerland
Photo © Barbara-Paraprem

Church St.Kolumban 21 - Substitue of Christ (Rorschach, Switzerland -Photo Barbara-Paraprem, 2014)
* I can hear the answer of spiritual smart alecks: “He’s in all three figures”, hahaha… Sorry: all 4 figures… theres a dove in addition.

541   ARCHANGEL MICHAEL - 2.7.2014
Photo © Barbara-Paraprem


You are searching in vain on wrong path
the love for you in the desire of the world.
A miracle is the love, grace,
which like the dew is falling from the sky.
She comes like scent of cloves in the wind,
she comes, like the moonlight mildly flows
out of clouds trough the night.
There counts no striving, no desire.
In humbleness you may receive her,
as if an angel comes to you.


Emanuel Geibel
(1815-1884, German lyric poet)
From: Minnelied (“Love Song)



Du suchst umsonst auf irrem Pfade
die Liebe dir im Drang der Welt.
Ein Wunder ist die Liebe, Gnade,
die wie der Tau vom Himmel fällt.
Sie kommt wie Nelkenduft im Winde,
sie kommt, wie durch die Nacht gelinde
aus Wolken fließt des Mondes Schein.
Da gilt kein Ringen, kein Verlangen.
In Demut magst du sie empfangen,
als kehrt’ ein Engel bei dir ein.


Emanuel Geibel
(1815-1884, Deutscher Lyriker)
Aus: Minnelied


Hotei Graffiti

Hotei Graffiti  (Train Station, Horw, Switzerland - Photo Barbara-Paraprem)
Trainstation, Horw, Switzerland
Photo © Barbara-Paraprem

Check out my new site with some own photos of Jesus, Mary, churches and other things around Christianity!

Gallery – Jesus


Benedictine Cloister Fahr 4 - Chapel St.Anna (Unterengstringen, Switzerland - Photo Barbara-Paraprem, 2013)
Chapel St.Anna, Benedictine Cloister Fahr
Unterengstringen, Switzerland
Photo © Barbara-Paraprem


Ich sass mal vor einigen Jahren mit einem Comicbuch des Zeichners “Mahler” im Zug und hatte einen Lachanfall, der kaum mehr aufhörte, die ganze Zugfahrt über. Vorhin ein weiteres Schmankerl in filmischer Form von ihm entdeckt

Flaschko – Der Mann in der Heizdecke

Episode 1
“Der Weg ist das Ziel und das Ziel ist sitzen”

Spricht mich, da ich Zazen praktiziere, doch irgendwie an, auch wenns natürlich… aber schau selbst…


Church St. Anton, Zurich (Photo Barbara-Paraprem)
Enso or Stargate?
Fresco in the catholic Church St.Anton, Zurich
Photo © Barbara-Paraprem

The Gap

Photo: krosseel – morguefile.com


There’s a gap
unconsciousness and unconsciousness.




No Person

What a relief, when You realize,
that You are without any guilt,
because things just happen
and not at a person
and that only identify Yourself with it brings suffering.
This recognition does not protect against pain,
which may rise like waves in You,
but You grasp no longer at this or that,
as if it were not only something, that happens to You,
but something that You are.


Welche Erleichterung, wenn Du erkennst,
dass Du ohne jede Schuld bist,
weil die Dinge einfach passieren
und nicht einer Person passieren
und dass erst Dein Dich damit identifizieren Leiden bringt.
Dieses Erkennen schützt nicht vor Schmerz,
der wie Wellen in Dir auffluten mag,
aber Du greifst nicht mehr nach diesem oder jenem,
als wär es nicht nur etwas, was Dir geschieht,
sondern etwas, was Du bist.




Kirche St.Anton, Zürich (Photo Barbara-Paraprem)
Mural Painting with the Scene “Adam and Eve leaving the Paradise”,
St.Anton, Zurich

Photo © Barbara-Paraprem


the fruit from the
Tree of Knowledge
was only a bad trip
for Adam and Eve
and they had never
the paradise,
were only
had nightmares?



ist die Frucht vom
Baum der Erkenntnis
Adam und Eva
einfach nur “schlecht eingefahren”
und sie haben nie
das Paradies
sind lediglich
in Ohnmacht gefallen
hatten Alpträume?





534   NADA - 13.5.2014
© Barbara-Paraprem



536   AWARENESSIE - 26.5.2014
© Barbara-Paraprem

The Dragon from Loch Ness, called “Nessie”, practicing Awareness (Meditation)…

San Simplicio di Olbia (commons.wikimedia.org)San Simplicio di Olbia


Wikipedia: San Simplicio, Olbia:

The Basilica of San Simplicio is a church in Olbia, northern Sardinia, Italy.

It was built in the late 11th century on a small hill, once located outside the city walls, used since the Carthaginian times as a cemetery area. In the area already existed a Palaeo-Christian church, built most likely between 594 and 611, which in turn was located near a Roman temple. The apse, the walls and most of the internal columns were finished in the 11th century; the barrel vault of the aisles and the upper parts of the side walls were built in the early 12th century, while the façade was completed in the middle of that century.



Website: www.ilportalesardo.it


All photos © Barbara-Paraprem


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A video from my visit of this church…


Porto Cervo (English: “Deer’s Port”) is an Italian seaside resort in northern Sardinia. The village is the main centre of the Costa Smeralda. Porto Cervo has a resident population of less than 200 inhabitants. Porto Cervo has developed into a popular holiday destination of the international jet set.

The famous church “Stella Maris” in Porto Cervo was built between 1968 – 1969 in the “neo-sardinian style” under the direction of architect Michele Busiri Vici. In addition to their special look she is also known to host an original of the painter El Greco, the “Mater Dolorosa”. From the church you have a beautiful view over the harbor of Porto Cervo.

Stella Maris (Latin for “Star of the Sea”) is a title for the Mother of God, with which she is also the patron saint of sailors. “Stella Maris” is the star that serves both as a guide to seafarers and to the people on the “sea of ​​life”. “Star of the Sea” is applied to the planet Venus, the North Star, Sirius, and the guiding star of the Pleiades. There are many artworks with this title as well as churches and cloisters.


Official Website: www.chiesastellamaris.it

All photos © Barbara-Paraprem




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Für Thomas-JoShin von Barbara-Paraprem

For Thomas-JoShin from Barbara-Paraprem

© Barbara-Paraprem

Buddha Steps

Please note: I know, my English is sometimes full of errors, because I never lerned it properly in scool…
For Originaltext in German see below. ;)


Buddha Steps


The only problem is,
that things that happen to us, we interpret
as a judgment about us as a person
made from others
or because of things, that we have done,
we are judge us as a person
– wheter all these judgments are
pleasant or unpleasant.
That’s the only problem.
Trying to resolve this problem,
would only be a re-judgment
and would be like a try,
“Casting out the demons with the ruler of the demons.”
We may feel hurt or guilty
for so much
and torment ourselves with the question,
why something just
happens to the one or another form
and just find no answer,
because we still judge,
even if we may say,
that we love.
On the relative level,
we may go in this way through hell
with no prospect for that heaven,
which isn’t the opposite of hell,
but everywhere not only possible,
but actually present.
In the awakened view
it corresponds to our very own self,
on which with all judgments
we constantly grasp wide of the mark,
even or especially then,
the more we strive to be good
and things, situations or people,
to which we usually classify oursevles too,
to fix inside or outside.
In the question why something just
happens to one form or another,
may resonate the question for justice.
And in the question for justice
the cry for peace,
which a hurted being
screams in his pain.
It is the attempt to deal with that very
to be healed in a paradoxical way,
what can not get there ourselves,
there we think to should have go,
because the only way
is under our feet
and not an inch behind or in front of it.
We fear the destruction in a thousand forms,
the standstill,
the death.
But in fact we get
in no other way faster to our destination
than by absolute motionlessness,
beyond all judgments
and then things happen
by itself,
now, here,
in steps, which walks the Buddha.


Barbara-Paraprem / 14.5.2014


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