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“I’d never voluntarily watch or hear a Schlager music show.
But if you have just seen more or less “involuntary” a shitty movie,
in which you has somehow noticed too late,
that it is not a thriller, but horror movie, then yet.
But you must be careful that you do not overdose.
Usually a few minutes, at most, are completely enough.
Otherwise you have to watch a horror movie again,
as an antidote to the Schlager music. “



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Breathing – Atmen

BREATHING (Barbara-Paraprem)

BREATHING © Barbara-Paraprem




Is it not enough
just to breathe?
Is there
a greater miracle?

Let be taken
from the breath by the hand.
Let oneself be breathed.
Like a open vessel.

Where we meet,
if not there,
where we surrender
the control over our ribs.

Free, unlimited
the chest so broad
as the universe.




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This morning, when I died…

Tree (PublicDomainPictures at
PublicDomainPictures at


This morning, when I died…

I’m coming home
and want just unlock the door.
Then again I hear this chainsaw,
which has been torned me
already yesterday from sleep.
I turn around:
Ah, over there, by this house,
there, where the big tree stands,
there is probably done something.
I see these thick, large, beautiful tree.
He stands there.
As if he would stand there much longer.
Just as he had stood there
before I moved here.
My look takes at most a few seconds.
Then suddenly:
the tree, the big, thick, strong,
he simply falls!
W-H-O-M-P !!!!
A loud, muffled bang.
Now he lies there.
A have a scare.
A pain flooded me.
I cry almost.
There he lies,
bleeding to death, dying,
still 2 seconds ago …
I’m stunned.
What should I do?
Go there and give comfort him?
I cry.
Not outside, but in my heart.

Barbara Paraprem


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Duden, 1957

Inspired by a post by Aiko I remembered of the old Duden (a dictionary of the German language), which my mother still tending to use – why not – and asked her to send me some photos of it. Although from 1957 is not sooo old, especially the Duden exists since 1880, nevertheless somehow funny to look at him.

Duden from 1957:
“Meditation lat. (Think about; Musingly contemplation)”

Aha. Think about. Then I dont do it wrong, if on the Zafu my brain overflows again???


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It’s never been about the cigarette…

Smoking (Bill Branson, commons.wikiemdia.rog)
Photo: Bill Branson –

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It’s never been about the cigarette…

I’m on my way to the city. Would like to sit on the bench at the bus stop. But a man sits there and smokes. On arrival station I sit down to two young ladies, not smoking. Only because of that I have ever taken place. I take out my iPad and paint a little. Suddenly, one begins to whiff. I consider first whether I say something and how I say at best, to not hurt her smoker feelings. I don’t say anything, pack up my things and stand further away, although I would have preferred to sit and painting on the iPad in this way is not so relaxed. So I stand there on the platform, when suddenly a man, maybe only two or three meters beside me, lights a cigarette…

As the experience has shown in the past, it rarely makes sense to seek dialogue, even if that happens in SUPER-SUPER-MEGA-POLITENESS, because most smokers respond blankly and then even insults have come. Anyhow, it would be a matter of the smoker, to take responsibility, not the other way around and I’m just tired to struggle constantly for understanding for what was supposed to be self-evident. Although the circumstances (distance, wind) are so, that I do not get the full load: it just reeks. Quite often I become fully (!) fumigated without any batting an eyelid.

The cigarette is, of course, usually thrown onto the ground. There are even others who rid the dirt, even if there is a trash can only a arm’s length away. I don’t understand that: the trash can is beside them (!), but it seems that the cigarette should disposed on the ground. As I myself was still smoking, there was no problem to stub she out at the nearest wall or on the ground (- also between two fingers worked without any problems) and wrap it p.e. in a paper tissue or piece of paper, then throw in the next trash can. I’ve also heard of smokers, who carry a can with them as portable ashtray. Just his carpet of cigarettes is often disgusting to look at, even if there is no one who smokes.

I know what smokers likes to talk to themselves into believing: ‘That does not reek’. Or that the smoke is only there noticeable, where this gray smoke is rising and for a second or two in the air is visible. But this is not so: The smoke is metres away smellable respectively stinks to there. And not only I feel that way. I’ve talked with many people, some once smoked themselves or even still are smoking, who experience this similarly.
For example, if someone would walk around with a super loud booming sound system and would all-round treat violently with sound: the people would look, the one or the other might even say something. Or if someone would look as if he had fallen into a manure hole and did also smell, very few would be delighted. Only smokers talks to themselves into believing, that they do no violence.

In fact, I make the observation again and again, that just when other people are in the near, a cigarette is lit with especially pleasure. Most smokers have confirmed this to me. Why is that so? In this way they can finally fill a certain emptiness, and feel belonging to others, even if they are among strangers, and the mobile “tobacco peace” go’s into action.

All smokers who I’ve asked till now, without exception, have confirmed to me, that the first cigarette, or the first few, tasted bad, and usually have triggered massive coughing fits. It’s funny: And today they should taste? So they lie to themselves. Not a few people have not smoked a few days for various reasons (- Not least myself!), afterwards again, and – wonder of wonders! – the first cigarette after this smoke break has tasted, curiously, not so good, if not disgusting.

It was never about the tobacco, NEVER! The point is to find a moment of apparent peace, because for the duration of the cigarette this “unrest” seems to have disappeared magically. This feeling is real and has a real reason and many facets and levels of intensity. But in the end it’s always about compensate a lack of something. It was never about the tobacco!!!

I also know addictive tendencies. Not only concerning my former smoking. I know exactly how crappy this can feels like and I have quite compassion for smokers. My hope or request is just, that someone looks a bit into himself and around, before a cigarette is lit…


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