Street Music

I filmed some artists, which made music on the street.

The first video is from 17. June 2014. I was walking trough Zurich respectively get off the tram and heard some special music. Actually I wanted to go in the other direction, but this music was so special, that I had to check out its source. It’s DUO SERA with hang and trumpet. I’m sorry for the bad audio quality, but with my little digital camera and a lot of background noises (city, traffic, wind), You can’t expect more.

The second video is from today. I’m feeling low today and was sitting in a cafe. Then I heard this barrel organ again, which in the past I heard at different times at the same place. The songs took turns, and then came the one, which I know from the Holy Mass: “Now Thank We All Our God”. It has touched my heart, someway. I drunk my coffee and walked to the woman, which played more other songs. I asked her for this specific one and kindly she took the paper roll, set it in the barrel organ und turned back to the point, where the song starts.



2 Gedanken zu „Street Music

  1. Hallo liebe Barbara.
    Als ich gerade deinen Blog aufmachte kam mir die Musik von den beiden Männern bekannt vor. Die habe ich gestern Abend nach dem Kino auch gesehen und gehört. Wunderschön, was die beiden da mit Hang und Trompete herbei zaubern. Schön, hast du ihnen ein Denkmal gesetzt.
    Ja, mit einer Kamera in Zürich unterwegs sein, ist spannend. Mach ich jetzt auch.
    Grüsse aus der Limmatstadt.

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