Buddha Statue (DeltaWorks at pixabay.com)

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We all know very well that not any one else is responsible for our feelings and thoughts! We know very well that no one can leave us, if not before we have left ourselves. We are not afraid of others, we are afraid of what is in ourselves, which someone else just may get out of the darkness, where we may have locked it constantly. To believe, that what we feel, think or do just appears because of what someone does, as if someone else is the cause of our experience, would be just so foolish as the assumption, that a radio show arises due the fact, that we have pressed certain buttons, and not because she is there so or so and is produced somewhere in a radio studio. However, we are constantly trying to keep the environment under control, so that not this or that button is pressed at us. That may be went well for a time. But sooner or later … And that shows, that this, what might arise, somehow or other was already there. We don’t believe that the world is evil, but ourselves. We know the truth very well, we all! From this perspective we all are already enlightened. We know her! And just because we know her, we fear all the more. The great virtue is also to live this truth and to bear what may appear, without trying again to make it disappearing, because all “get rid of” is like killing and a unacknowledged act of violence against ourself. We are allowed to have every possible feeling, also that, what something don’t want. It is quite natural that we seek happiness and well-being. Only the step by act may be turn into violence. It is a balancing act: where and how to speak or act and where not. Why I do something, is the question. Not always is nothing to do or say the healthiest way. Not always in any case say or do something the most beneficial way. Viewed in this way there are no rigid rules, even they may be written in holy books. Stay with yourself is the whole task. And that is Zen.




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Mein Zen-Lehrer hat nun auch einen Blog! Juhuuuu! (Wurde aber auch Zeit…)
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My Zen-Teacher has now also a blog ! Yoo-hoo! (About time too…)
Maybe you like to take a look and leave a comment? (Articles are in German…)


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Restroom Buddha

Once a friend requested a certain picture from me. Out of that was created the “RESTROOM BUDDHA I”. It was never planned, that ever someone knows, who stands behind that, however, it have gone differently. Trough this fact, a second request from someone other reaches me: a picture against those who like to stand up while peeing. So today, finally, the “RESTROOM BUDDHA II” is finished.

To my astonishment I stumbled about this Wikipedia article, only a few days ago: Wikipedia: Toilet god. Toilet gods trough the cultures, even in Japan, which is closely connected to the practice of Zazen. There they are called “kawaya kami”. Wow.

So I can heave a sigh of relief that I haven’t done something very bad? Loool…

Toilet Buddha (2014) © Barbara-Paraprem
RESTROOM BUDDHA I © Barbara-Paraprem

RESTROOM BUDDHA II © Barbara-Paraprem

Buddha Maitreya

BUDDHA MAITREYA (Ethnological Museum, Zurich, Photo Barbara-Paraprem)

BUDDHA MAITREYA – Ethnological Museum, Zurich
Photo / Graphic © Barbara-Paraprem


In this, there is not a thing to be removed,
Nor the slightest thing to be added.
It is looking perfectly into reality itself,
And when reality is seen, complete liberation.


in Ornament of Clear Realization

Source: www.rigpawiki.org