The Large Portal

Monks light candles (hbieser at hbieser –


The Large Portal

I remembered,
I could indeed fly.
I showed it
in the middle of the gathering,
where you first looked
astonished at me,
but then
as if you had seen the devil.

I flew away.

In the large apartment then
not without fear
of unrecognized angles.
But at the border of the apartment
and at the same time
in the midst of it,
with both feet yet
in the own home
a large, powerful,
noble portal.
The doors made of heavy wood
and framed by
hosts of angels
carved in stone
– each angel
a few candles guarding.

I flew up.

To set fire to all
and which burned down
let shine again
by new form.

In the stone arch
with the aim and
the strenuous attempt,
to achieve so too
the outermost candles,
suddenly became so heavy,
as if I had forgotten to fly,
for fear of falling down.

Some down there,
on the other site,
notice the solemn lighting
looking up to the lights,
which in the middle of the day
and in middle of the night
are shining.

The one is happy
about the festive light,
the other worries
about my strength.

if I should fall
become too heavy to fly:
I would come back,
to light too
the last candle.

Barbara-Paraprem – 2.9.1993



Prayer of Saint Catherine

St. Catherine of Siena besieged by demons (ca. 1500, National Museum in Warsaw,
St. Catherine of Siena besieged by demons
(St. Catarina von Siena von Dämonen bedrängt)
ca. 1500, National Museum in Warsaw


O Spirito Santo, vieni nel mio cuore,
e per la tua potenza attiralo a te, o Dio,
e concedimi carità con il tuo timore.
Guardami, Christo, da ogni mal pensiero,
riscaldami e infiammami del tuo santissimo amore,
sì che ogni pena mi paia leggera.
Santo mio Padre e dolce mio Signore,
ora aiutami in ogni mia azione.
Christo amore! Christo amore!

Santa Catarina da Siena, 1377

smilie heart

O Holy Spirit, come into my heart,
and by your power draw it to you, o God,
and grant me charity with awe of you.
Guard me, Christ, from every evil thought,
warm up and enflame me with your most holy love,
that every distress may seem light to me.
My holy Father and my sweet Lord,
help me now in all my tasks.
Christ love! Christ love!

St. Catherine of Siena, 1377

smilie heart

O Heiliger Geist, komme in mein Herz,
durch Deine Macht ziehe es an Dich, o Gott,
und gewähre mir Barmherzigkeit mit Ehrfurcht vor Dir.
Behüte mich, Christus, vor jedem bösen Gedanken,
erwärme und entzünde mich mit Deiner allerheiligsten Liebe,
dass mir alle Bedrängnis leicht erscheine.
Mein Heiliger Vater und mein süsser Herr,
hilf mir nun bei allen meinen Aufgaben.
Christus Liebe! Christus Liebe!

Hl. Caterina von Siena, 1377


Piano for Elephants

Paul Barton, a British concert-pianist, plays music (piano, flute, clarinet) to blind, injured and orphaned elephants (- sometimes other animals too)…

Note the moves of the elephants in the first video! In the second video the elephant looks like he would remember a melody, maybe heard in his childhood, and start to suck the thumb respectively trunk…

smilie heart

YouTube: Piano for Elephants
Sanctuary for Elephants: