ULURIPI © Barbara-Paraprem, 2015

ULURIPI © Barbara-Paraprem, 2015
(Uluru, Rigi, Pilatus)


from the Navajo

Lord of the Mountain,
reared within the mountain,
young man, chieftain,
hear a young man’s prayer!

Hear a prayer for cleanness,
Keeper of the strong Rain,
drumming on the mountain,
Lord of the small Rain,
that restores the earth in newness,
Keeper of the clean Rain,
hear a prayer for wholeness.

Young man, chieftain,
hear a prayer for fleetness!
Keeper of the Deer’s Way,
reared among the eagles,
clear my feet of slothness.
Keeper of the Paths of Men,
hear a prayer for straightness,
hear a prayer for courage.

Lord of the thin Peaks,
reared amid the thunders,
Keeper of the Headlands,
holding up the harvest,
Keeper of the strong Rocks,
hear a prayer for staunchness,
young man, chieftain,
spirit of the mountain!


“The Path on the Rainbow”
Edited by George W. Cronyn, 1918



Massive Opportunity

Advertising poster © Barbara-Paraprem, 2015

Advertising poster © Barbara-Paraprem, 2015


“The climate change is the biggest problem of our time.
And a massive opportunity for the person who solve it.”


“Der Klimawandel ist das grösste Problem unserer Zeit.
Und eine riesige Chance für den, der es löst.”


Nix caccia

Dog signs in Italian and Greek on a barn in canton Appenzell, Switzerland © Barbara-Paraprem, 2015
© Barbara-Paraprem, 2015


Hunde-Schilder an einer Scheune im Kanton Appenzell, Schweiz.
Links (Italienisch): “Provinz von Siena – Jagdverbot – Wiederbesiedlungs- und Fanggebiet”
Rechts (Griechisch): “Achtung Hund” (“προσοχη σκυλοσ”)

“Divieto di caccia” heisst also nicht das, was ich zuerst vermutete…

smilie grins

Dog signs on a barn in canton Appenzell, Switzerland.
Left (Italian): “Province of Siena – hunting ban – area of repopulating and capture”
Right (Greek): “Attention Dog” (“προσοχη σκυλοσ”)