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I wrote at 8 Zen communities in the U.S. (- The 8-fold path!!!), but only one has entered into a halfway dialogue:

Ich habe 8 Zen-Gemeinschaften in den USA angeschrieben (- Der 8-fache Pfad!!!), jedoch nur eine hat sich halbwegs auf einen Dialog eingelassen:


On 29.02.2012 05:44, Barbara wrote:


1 Item: Everlasting Bliss, Peace – Special Edition, transparent.

Thank you.


Shipping Address:



On 23.3.2012, Barbara wrote:

Dear Zennies

Almost a month ago I ordered items below.
Instead You sent me only silence.
I did not order and I would like to send back.
Is the desired item currently not in stock?

Yours sincerely,



On 2.04.2012, Deb wrote:

Hello Barbara,

Desert Lotus Zen does not sell anything or send out anything. We are unable to assist you.

Deborah Saint

Sent from my iPad


On 6.4.2012, Barbara wrote:

Dear Saint Deborah

If Desert Lotus Zen emits nothing, then why exist this community?
Are we not all one? I didn’t have the right to this items?
If the bliss is not available in transparent edition, i take it in pure white.
Thank You!



On 6.04.2012 Deb wrote:

Hello Barbara,

You already have everything that you need. As the Buddha taught, it is only our delusions that keep us from knowing it.


Sent from my iPad


On 7.4.2012, Barbara wrote:

Dear Deborah (no more Saint?),

Ok. I understand that.
If I have delusions, I don’t have ex-delusions.
So I have not everything, isn’t it, eh eh?!?
Maybe it’s better, if I order ex-delusions instead of bliss?
Or what do You mean?

Sincerely and 8x Gassho



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