Restroom Buddha

Once a friend requested a certain picture from me. Out of that was created the „RESTROOM BUDDHA I“. It was never planned, that ever someone knows, who stands behind that, however, it have gone differently. Trough this fact, a second request from someone other reaches me: a picture against those who like to stand up while peeing. So today, finally, the „RESTROOM BUDDHA II“ is finished.

To my astonishment I stumbled about this Wikipedia article, only a few days ago: Wikipedia: Toilet god. Toilet gods trough the cultures, even in Japan, which is closely connected to the practice of Zazen. There they are called „kawaya kami“. Wow.

So I can heave a sigh of relief that I haven’t done something very bad? Loool…

Toilet Buddha (2014) © Barbara-Paraprem
RESTROOM BUDDHA I © Barbara-Paraprem

RESTROOM BUDDHA II © Barbara-Paraprem

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