Blossoms at Dawn

Crow and Blossom (Ohara Koson, ca. 1910, woodblock print, and Blossom
Ohara Koson, ca. 1910, Woodblock print


か花 に明けゆく

ka hana ni akeyuku
karasu tobi

Are you happy?
Blossoms at dawn
The crows fly


Oshima Ryota, 1718 – 1787


Poem from Oshima Ryota © Barbara-Paraprem


One of the most influential of eighteenth-century haikai masters, who had some three thousand students all over Japan during Edo era. Forty of them were practicing poets. Several daimyo houses were also his clients. He had several houses in provinces as branch schools. He could afford to travel by palanquin accompanied by a few assistants. He was a disciple of haiku poet Hattori Ransetsu, which was a disciple of Basho.

Oshima Ryota published 200 books of poems. But hardly a single poem has survived the time. In 1759 he published „Basho kukai“ (Notes on Basho’s hokku), containing his critical remarks on eighty-six hokkus by Basho. He recorded his ideas on hakai in „Basho Shichibu Sagashi“ („Gleanings from the Seven Collections of Basho“).


Books from Oshima Ryota:
About Oshima Ryota: Wikipedia.ja: 大島蓼太


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