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Playing GO (commons.wikimedia.org)
Playing GO – commons.wikimedia.org


GO chat monologue, tipsy, at 2 in the morning, when suddenly in the midst of the game the player no longer utters any peep…

GO-Chat-Selbstgespräch, angetrunken, nachts um 2 Uhr, wenn der Mitspieler mitten im Spiel plötzlich keinen Pieps mehr von sich gibt…

Move 77
[1:47] Me [15k]: Are you planning a surprise attack? How devilish!😉
[1:49] Me [15k]: Maybe it’s only the time shift, and you have early in the morning and nedd first some coffee… it’s ok… i love coffee too…🙂
[1:50] Me [15k]: Or a phone call is coming… and YOU ARE THE WINNER OF THE LOTTERY… for 100 million dollars…
[1:52] Me [15k]: What would I do, if I would win? Let me think about…
[1:52] Me [15k]: I mean: win in the lottery…
(Time from player is over)
[1:53] Me [15k]: Oh…
[1:53] Me [15k]: What a pitty…
[1:54] Me [15k]: Thank you.😉
[1:54] Me [15k]: And one more thing:



Another game…

Move 0
[2:03] Me [15k]: OH MY GOD… it’s **********…
Move 3
[2:03] Player [15k]: HIII
Move 6
[2:03] Me [15k]: HEY
Move 20
[2:04] Me [15k]: That calls: the diagonal trickiness…
Move 21
[2:04] Me [15k]:😉
Move 24
(The player attacks me hard)
[2:05] Me [15k]: And that: the invader…
Move 50
[2:07] Me [15k]: lol
Move 54
[2:08] Me [15k]: Should I commit suicide?
Move 84
(I’m dying. Good bye cruel world of GO…)
[2:10] Me [15k]: Oh my god… im fucked
[2:10] Me [15k]:😉
Move 86
(Slipped of the mouse)
[2:11] Me [15k]: Sorry was a missclick
Move 85
[2:11] Player [15k]: do you want to undo?
[2:11] Me [15k]: thank you gentleman
Move 84
[2:11] Me [15k]: or gentlewoman
[2:11] Me [15k]: however…
Move 96
(*flatter flatter*)
[2:13] Me [15k]: should i react on 8 / 7???
[2:13] Me [15k]: no i dont
[2:13] Player [15k]: 8/7?
Move 100
[2:13] Me [15k]: i mean the line
[2:13] Player [15k]: o
[2:13] Me [15k]: lm
[2:14] Me [15k]: 87
Move 102
(Game is finished. I lost. Me: 33 points – Player: 63.5.)
[2:14] Me [15k]: at least 33
[2:14] Me [15k]:😉
[2:14] Me [15k]: thank you
[2:14] Player [15k]: gg🙂
[2:15] Player [15k]: Could you hit „accept“?
[2:16] Player [15k]: thanks!
[2:16] Player [15k]: have a good day

smilie grins

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