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Eigentlich rief der Priester in der heutigen Abendmesse zum singen von Lied 606 auf, doch plötzlich schoss mir die Frage in den Kopf, ob es im Gesangsbuch eine „Nr. 666“ gäbe. Es gibt. Mit dem Untertitel „Auf der Suche nach dem Du“…
smilie inquisitor

The priest actually called to sing the song 606 at todays evening mass, but suddenly the question came to my mind whether there is a „No. 666“. There is. With the subtitle „In search of the You“…

If abbot Muho knew this… ;)

Today I was in the antiquarian bookshop, here in this city. Finally I asked, where I find books about Buddhism. The seller referred me to the basement. I discovered then in a corner full of books about Christianity, still yet a few about Buddhism. And amidst this poor assortment one about Zen from abbot Muho, who leads the Zen monastery Antaiji. Under “other religions“, after the “Tibetan Book of the Dead” and before the “Book of Mormon”. And more over there: „Buddha“ – the middle between „world history“ and „autogenic training“, haha …


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