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Eigentlich rief der Priester in der heutigen Abendmesse zum singen von Lied 606 auf, doch plötzlich schoss mir die Frage in den Kopf, ob es im Gesangsbuch eine „Nr. 666“ gäbe. Es gibt. Mit dem Untertitel „Auf der Suche nach dem Du“…
smilie inquisitor

The priest actually called to sing the song 606 at todays evening mass, but suddenly the question came to my mind whether there is a „No. 666“. There is. With the subtitle „In search of the You“…

Holy Infant Jesus of Prague

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The Infant Jesus of Prague (Czech: Pražské Jezulátko) is worldwide one of the most famous, miraculous images of Jesus. It is located in the church St.Mary of Victory (Kostel Panny Marie Vítězné) in the carmelite convent of Prague. The statue is a ca. 45 cm tall, wax-coated wooden statue from the renaissance and represents the Infant Jesus around the age of 3. She is a work of a unknown artist from the 16th century. There are many reproducitons of the Infant Jesus of Prague, among others in Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Czechia, Nigeria.

It is an old tradition to give as a votive offering robes to the Infant Jesus of Prague and clothe it. Currently has the miraculous image about 100 different costumes from around the world. As the most valuable is considered one, which is decorated with diamonds, pearls and garnets.


Heft über das Prager Jesuskind
Livret sur l’Enfant Jésus de Prague
Brožura o Pražské Jezulátko


Beyond Religion

Angel © Barbara-Paraprem, 2015

© Barbara-Paraprem


True dignity is beyond religion.
Faith, prayers, rituals could be very helpful.
But where they are misused
to rule people, they made them to beggars.



Echte Würde besteht jenseits von Religion.
Glauben, Gebete, Rituale können sehr hilfreich sein.
Wo sie aber dazu missbraucht werden,
Menschen zu beherrschen, machen sie sie zu Bettlern.


Churches and Temples

345   Corcomroe Abbey, Ireland (HogPro at, Photo Editing Barbara-Paraprem)
Corcomroe Abbey, Ireland
Photo: HogPro at
Photo Edited: © Barbara-Paraprem


No church or temple is called only
„Jesus“ or „Buddha“ or „Krishna“
or „God“ or „Truth“ or „Self.“
And that for the same reason,
like any shop is not just called shop:
It is pointed out,
which way by a group of people is preferred.
The truth itself can’t be purchased nor be selled.
To a commedity becomes she only there,
where this way is declared as the only one which makes blissfull.