The Biggest Mystery

Life and Death Intermingled ( and Death Intermingled –


The biggest mystery ever is for me,
that there is something instead of nothing.
And maybe the biggest discovery,
that nothing lasts forever and healing is possible.



Das grösste Rätsel überhaupt ist mir,
dass es etwas gibt, anstelle von nichts.
Und vielleicht die grösste Entdeckung,
dass nichts ewig dauert und Heilung möglich ist.



Plum Trees
Watanabe Shiko, Japan, 18. cent.,


Ka ya hiraki
nori toku tori no

Blossoms scent the air,
a carefree birdsongs
echoes the truth.

Gozan (1695-1733)


At the evening, when Gozan died, were still quite a few flowers on the plum tree outside his window. From time to time an owl came to rest in the tree, and called out „Ho, Ho“. Then Gozan said: „My life is over …“ He took his brush and wrote his death poem.

A death poem, called „Jisei“ or „Jisei no ku“ ( 辞世の句) or „Zetsumei-shi“ (絶命詩) in Japanese, is a poem written near the time of one’s own death. It is a tradition for literate people to write one in a number of different cultures, especially in Japan and Korea, as well as certain periods of Chinese history.
Death poems have been written by Chinese, Korean, and Japanese Zen monks, by many haiku poets, and Japanese Samurai. Poems were written following one of three poetic forms: kanshi, waka or haiku.
(Wikipedia: Death Poem)


Don’t enmesh yourself in trivialities

Bones near the Zendo in the Jikoji  Zen Center (Photo Thomas-JoShin Söchtig)
Photo/Quote © Thomas-JoShin Söchtig –

It is photographed about 300 meters away from the zendo in the Jikoji Zen Center,
in a small clearing.


Please use your time
and don’t enmesh yourself in trivialities.
The time is too precious!


Bitte nutzt eure Zeit
und verstrickt euch nicht in Nebensächlichkeiten.
Die Zeit ist zu wertvoll !


Glitter Death

I’ve created a „Glitter-Death“… First I took this picture:

Pest (C. Merkel, 1850, Bilder des Todes ober Todtentanz für alle Stände, 1
C.Merkel, 1850
Pest (C. Merkel, 1850, Bilder des Todes ober Todtentanz für alle Stände, commons.wikimedia



Then I removed the background with a graphic programm (- Ulead Photo Express SE 3.0 – it’s very old and no more available, but You can do the same with many other graphic programms, p.e. Photoshop…), and cropped it to the central figure. Then I uploaded this prepared picture to this site: and finished it with the tools „glitter fill“ and „glitter stamps“. With „Ulead Gif Animator“ I have corrected some little blemishs (- this step is not obligatory). If You like to decorate the same picture in Your own way, You find it above already without background respectively with white background.

THE DEATH (Barbara-Paraprem)© Barbara-Paraprem



GLITTER DEATHUpdate 17.8.: My 74 year old mother has for about 2 months for the first time a computer and is learning now to use him. I showed her a few things, also how to make glitter images. This is what she has sent me today…