Church Stella Maris – Porto Cervo, Sardinia

A video from my visit of this church…


Porto Cervo (English: „Deer’s Port“) is an Italian seaside resort in northern Sardinia. The village is the main centre of the Costa Smeralda. Porto Cervo has a resident population of less than 200 inhabitants. Porto Cervo has developed into a popular holiday destination of the international jet set.

The famous church „Stella Maris“ in Porto Cervo was built between 1968 – 1969 in the „neo-sardinian style“ under the direction of architect Michele Busiri Vici. In addition to their special look she is also known to host an original of the painter El Greco, the „Mater Dolorosa“. From the church you have a beautiful view over the harbor of Porto Cervo.

Stella Maris (Latin for „Star of the Sea“) is a title for the Mother of God, with which she is also the patron saint of sailors. „Stella Maris“ is the star that serves both as a guide to seafarers and to the people on the „sea of ​​life“. „Star of the Sea“ is applied to the planet Venus, the North Star, Sirius, and the guiding star of the Pleiades. There are many artworks with this title as well as churches and cloisters.

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All photos © Barbara-Paraprem


Devilish Pedagogy

Book Shop (Photo Barbara-Paraprem)
Photo © Barbara-Paraprem

Book title: „666 Games – for every Group, for every Situation„. A book with games to help children, youth and adult groups to meet and understand each other…

There we have it! Games and Fun are from the Devil!!!


House Dust Mite Spray – Milbenspray

House Dust Mite (
House Dust Mite –


Ring! Ring! I pick up the phone.
„Good day Ms…. *at this point follows the pronunciation of my last name in the most creative way, how I’ve never heard it, hahaha* … here is blahblah from the company blahblahblah. We have send You last week our brochure (‚Huh? Nothing received.‘) to inform You about house dust mites… chatter… chatter (‚ I feel just so happy, let her at least recite her little jingle to the end.‘) …and wanted ask once… chatter swagger… There is now also a spray that also in hospitals… chatter… chatter… Would You…“ I intervene yet, before she longer recite something, from which I know from the start that it will bring nothing – usually I disconnect a lot earlier: „A Moment! I did not get anything and I’m not interested in this product.“ A moment of silence trembles through the telephoneline due to this resolute (- but still quite friendly) response, then: „May I ask you still something more?“ Me (- ‚Well, let her…‘): „Yes.“ „May we call You for future polls again?“ „No. I don’t like that, if even bothered at home with advertising, woken up, startled. I do find that quite rude.“ The Lady: „I’ll also just doing my job.“ Me: „Exactly. Exactly.“ Nevertheless she wishes me something. I’m purring back. Clack.



„Pressed Buddha“

I was in Zurich in a … er … esoteric shop. Just a wild mix of various books and other things, most of them „pretty strange“, hahaha, although „serious literature“ is available there. In the past I was getting there already several times in and out – without buying something. Somehow, I think to myself at the one or other book or article: “ Oh, how pretty!“ or „Interesting!“, but immediatly too: „Do I really need that to be happy? The power comes from myself, not from the book, movie, incense holder, figure, etc. – and certainly not from this or that bottle, which is supposedly „charged“ with „angel energy“. Angel energies, tree energies, high-master-energies, „blah-blah-energies“, „what-knows-god-energies“, hahaha, pressing a button to spray – madder can’t be. And all, of course, for hefty prices. Well, they also carry a shelf full of Zen literature. At least. I like to open a book random somewhere in the middle. Sometimes then they talk to me. Or not.

Like this green one below, for example:

Bücher 3

Book title: „The Earth speaks: I’m with You!“ I had not touched it. Just did not interested me. But I had to laugh out loud about the title. But worse was yet to come:

Seelentor Essenzen 1b

„Pressed Buddha“ (- my description, Buddha picture on the white bottle) – for spraying directly! „Soulgate Essences“ are the bottles called, for „only“ 50 francs, refill 35.-

Well: own fault that I have visited the store again. The stand with reduced books before the entrance should have warned me:

Bücher 2

Book title: „Strengthening of the Ego – The second Birth of the Self-Realization“. By god: Strengthening of the Ego! At that be born again – so to say the (book-) hell of every Buddhist…

When I left the store almost: A little girl at the postcard stand, that was holding a whole bunch of postcards in his little hands, with a photo of two fishes. I had a little chat with her. Then I bent down to her and have said goodbye. That was the best of everything. And priceless, respectively completely free.