Apropos Letting Go

Jacob Wrestled with an Angel (Illustration from the 1897 Bible Pictures and What They Teach Us, With brief descriptions by Charles Foster, 1897, commons.wikimedia.org)Jacob Wrestled with an Angel – Bible-Illustration from 1897


Apropos „letting go“,
one of the most popular words of the „spirit elite“:
(- one might be tired of hear it):

What I am, never want to let go,
and what God is, need nothing to let go.

 Barbara Paraprem


Why not let everything go



Why should this crazy guy
seek to make a name in Buddhism
when the whole show’s on the wane –
indeed at crisis point?
I try to climb the highest peak,
I plumb the depths to catch the fish,
talk a lot – find no listeners.
Sorry for myself I waste my time.
Unconcerned by dire predicaments
concern for others should be my task.
Moaning without pause;
whatever for – this grumbling?
Why not let everything go –
Life’s suffering never ends.
Suddenly, remembering Emptiness,
this mind has cleared.
What a laugh it is!

Great Chan Master Hsu Yun

Let go

© Barbara-Paraprem


Lass los, was vergangen ist.
Lass los, was kommen mag.
Lass los, was jetzt geschieht.
Versuche nicht, etwas herauszufinden.
Versuche nicht, etwas geschehen zu machen.
Entspanne, genau jetzt, und ruhe.