Because of your longing…

A Young Lady Reclining After a Bath – Muhammad Mu’min, 1590′


Oh God,
it is because of your longing, that I am on the earth,
and because of my longing, that I rise.


attar-of-neishabur-commons-wikimedia-orgAbū Hamīd bin Abū Bakr Ibrāhīm
(ca. 1110 – 1221, ابو حامد ابن ابوبکر ابراهیم),
more famous by his pen-names
„Farīd ud-Dīn“ (فریدالدین) and „‘Attār“ (عطار – „the perfumer“),
was a Persian Muslim poet, mystical philosopher
and hagiographer from Nishapur, who had an
immense and lasting influence on Persian poetry and Sufism.