Das Reich Gottes

Religiöses Faltblatt auf dem Boden eines Bahnhofs. Text:
„Das Reich Gottes – Was ist damit gemeint?
Ist es…
etwas in uns?
etwas unrealistisches?
eine Regierung im Himmel?

Was damit gemeint ist? Vielleicht: Dort wo ich stehe?!?!?

Religious flyer on the floor of a trainstation. Text on it:
„The Kingdom of God – What is meant by that?
Is it…
something in us?
something unrealistic?
a government in heaven?

What by that is meant? Maybe: Where I’am standing?!?!?


Muslim Imam became Catholic Priest


Mario Joseph grew up in India in a Muslim family. He studied philosophy and theology for 10 years. He became an imam before he reached the age of 18. After someone asked him about who Jesus was, Mario Joseph began to investigate Christianity. Studying the Quran, he noticed that the Quran would give more preference to Jesus and at some point he decided to accept Jesus.

This conversion to Christianity triggered a violent reaction from his family. When he awoke, he found himself naked in a small room. His arms and legs were bound and hot chili had been placed in his mouth and his wounds. He was deprived of food and water for several days and that his brother forced him to drink urine as a punishment. After as many as 20 days, his father entered the room, choked him and threatened him with a knife and would kill him.

Mario: „When I knew that it was my last moment, I thought: Jesus died, but He came back. If I believe in Jesus and die, I too may get my life.”
At this point he felt energized, pulled his father’s hand down, and cried out „Jesus!“. His father then fell down and was cut severely by his own knife, and foamed at the mouth.

When family members took his father to the hospital, they forgot to lock the room. Mario ran out, put on some clothes from his father and caught a taxi. The driver was a Christian and helped get him food and drink.

Mario Joseph is now staying at a Catholic retreat center in India, where he gives talks in various languages. People are still trying to kill him, and his parents held a mock funeral ceremony for him to signify that he was an outcast. On the mock grave, they marked as his death date the date of his baptism. He has had no contact with his family, but he prays for them and believes that “God can touch them within a moment.“ He explained: „Even if they never accept Christianity, I’m always saying: Jesus, please take them to heaven.”


POWER JESUS © Barbara-Paraprem, 2015
© Barbara-Paraprem, 2015



Beyond Religion

Angel © Barbara-Paraprem, 2015

© Barbara-Paraprem


True dignity is beyond religion.
Faith, prayers, rituals could be very helpful.
But where they are misused
to rule people, they made them to beggars.



Echte Würde besteht jenseits von Religion.
Glauben, Gebete, Rituale können sehr hilfreich sein.
Wo sie aber dazu missbraucht werden,
Menschen zu beherrschen, machen sie sie zu Bettlern.


The only true books…

Jehovah’s Witnesses (Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich) © Barbara-Paraprem, 2015
Jehovah’s Witnesses (Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich) © Barbara-Paraprem, 2015


„Bible“ is made up of two syllables: „Bib“ (from the ancient Greek „βιβλία“ = Biblia) = „books“ and „el“ = „God“. „Bible“ means also „Book of God“.
When I hear people talk from „THE Bible“, especially Christians with the tendency to represent their kind of religious practice as only salvific way for ALL people, it inspires me to ask, from WHICH Bible they talk. Because any other book could be called as well as „The Bible“, i.e. as „The Book of God“ – not only for main works of world religions, like p.e. the Pali Canon, the Vedas, the Tao Te Ching, the Torah, the Koran… etc. Each book, unless it is the „ultimate“, the crowing of all books for the one who likes to call it so.


Jesus, Evangelium und Religionen

Eine Predigt von Pastor Eckard H. Krause über das Evangelium, Jesus und Religionen, gehalten an einer Festversammlung am 10.09.2000. So lebendig ! – sowohl was die Rhetorik betrifft, als auch den Inhalt. Ich würd zwar nicht wie der Videouploader behaupten, dass es (Zitat) „die beste Predigt Deutschlands“ ist, aber eine der besten die ich jemals gehört habe ganz sicher.

smilie niederwerfung

Zurich occupied by sectarians!

I went quickly in this grocery store at the main station in Zurich. A man entered the store before me, which was, judging by his garments, obviously Buddhist monk. I was watching him furtively, not least due the fact, that such Buddhist phenomenca attracts me magic, and any culture from this environment.

He went to the cooling rack, where it has, among other things, also meat. That would be a BLOCKBUSTER PHOTO!!!, it flashed through my mind, even though he has probably looked only for vegetable food. Hectically I grabbed in my backpack for my camera – but I was too late: the monk had turned around again and went to the checkout. I followed him on the foot.

He turned around. I grinned broadly at him. He smiled back: „Have we met?“ Me: „No. .. But now.“ He: „Maybe from a previous life.“ I made a joke: „Zurich will be occupied by the sectarians!“ and was referring both to his striking appearance, as well as mine (- with Mala, ultra-short hair and spot on forehead). We got talking a little. He told me that he just comes from a lecture of the highest teacher of his community. I asked, he told me her name. Me: „That’s not Kadampa?“ He: „Yes!“ I told him that I was already in the temple in Altstetten.

Then I paid my product, he dug a few steps ahead for something in his backpack and gave me the flyer for „Dharma Festival 2014“. I should just not throw in the nearest trash can, when I no longer want it, but maybe pass. I thank him, wished him a lot of fun and hold myself back very barely to give him the hand or a „slap“ on the arm out of sheer joy about this meeting. Monks you should not touch. I know this from a good friend (- even it has other reasons there), also ordained, that I try to „desensitize“ from time to time and just was allowed to celebrate some successes, hahaha. ;)))

Soon I’m even a „official“ and I shall get the „magical breastplate“ (rakusu). I feel a little bit uneasy about it. On the other hand: No more „witch shot“ (German: „Hexenschuss“ = English: „Lumbago“ – sorry, some jokes you can’t translate…) resp. demons shot with this bullet proof vest! I wish.