House Dust Mite Spray – Milbenspray

House Dust Mite (
House Dust Mite –


Ring! Ring! I pick up the phone.
“Good day Ms…. *at this point follows the pronunciation of my last name in the most creative way, how I’ve never heard it, hahaha* … here is blahblah from the company blahblahblah. We have send You last week our brochure (‘Huh? Nothing received.’) to inform You about house dust mites… chatter… chatter (‘ I feel just so happy, let her at least recite her little jingle to the end.’) …and wanted ask once… chatter swagger… There is now also a spray that also in hospitals… chatter… chatter… Would You…” I intervene yet, before she longer recite something, from which I know from the start that it will bring nothing – usually I disconnect a lot earlier: “A Moment! I did not get anything and I’m not interested in this product.” A moment of silence trembles through the telephoneline due to this resolute (- but still quite friendly) response, then: “May I ask you still something more?” Me (- ‘Well, let her…’): “Yes.” “May we call You for future polls again?” “No. I don’t like that, if even bothered at home with advertising, woken up, startled. I do find that quite rude.” The Lady: “I’ll also just doing my job.” Me: “Exactly. Exactly.” Nevertheless she wishes me something. I’m purring back. Clack.




515   SCHLEICHWERBUNG - 19.2.2014
© Barbara-Paraprem

Note for English speakers: “Schleichwerbung” means in German “surreptitious advertising”. The first part of the word – “Schleich…” means “sneak”. The second – “Werbung” – could be translated with “advertising”, but it sounds almost like “Umwerbung” (“courting”). 😉